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A selection of educational and thought-leadership articles created by our banking and treasury experts.

Thinking beyond the obvious…the other benefits of a real-time solution

Planixs' Financial Services Consultant, Nick Applebee, discusses the wider benefits of gaining real-time insight through technology.

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Cash management

Cash management: The journey from assumed to actual

Planixs Financial Services Consultant, John Williams, discusses the process of cash management, touching on some of the challenges we have encountered whilst supporting our clients.


What is Realiti® treasury management software – and what does it do?

Planixs' Product Owner, Marlon Hope, explains what our Realiti® software does, and how banking firms can improve their intraday liquidity management with the software.

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Planixs CEO, Neville Roberts, interviews Desmond Lynch, founder of Cupula Consulting...

Planixs CEO, Neville Roberts, and Cupula Consulting founder, Desmond Lynch, discuss the importance of real-time intraday liquidity management for banks and corporates.


Intraday liquidity & real-time treasury: The Covid-19 advice to follow and the advice to ignore

Planixs’ Financial Services Director, Pete McIntyre, has sifted through the outpouring of guidance and advice on how financial institutions should react in this time of Covid-19, drawing out conclusions relevant to Intraday Liquidity & Cash Management.

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Small banks face increasing intraday liquidity pressure

The pressure is mounting on smaller financial institutions not only to monitor but to actively examine and control, intraday liquidity in real-time - but how do they do this without the resources of the larger players?


News Article: Banks’ Biggest Real-Time Liquidity Challenges

Faster and real-time payments capabilities continue to proliferate in the global financial services arena, and consumers aren’t the only beneficiaries of the trend. Corporates, too, are beginning to explore opportunities in real-time transactions in areas like payroll and intra-company payments.

Planixs real time liquidity treasury payments

CEO Blog: 2019 Recap and 2020 Vision

CEO of Planixs - the leading provider of intraday liquidity and treasury management software provides a recap of 2019 and an overview of the company's 2020 vision.


Intraday Liquidity - say goodbye to 2019 with a final regulatory update

A 2019 round-up of the latest and new regulatory requirements from Planixs' Financial Services Director, Pete McIntyre.

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Intraday liquidity management blog

Give thanks for the Federal Reserve – intraday liquidity management reflections from a trip to New York

Read our insightful intraday liquidity management blog that details the current intraday liquidity landscape and what it takes to ensure that banking treasuries are optimising their intraday liquidity management capabilities and can ensure regulatory compliance.


Do you have liquidity risk under control?

Learn about the steps needed to gain control over your liquidity.

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ISO 20022

ISO 20022 Migration - What is it and what are the benefits?

ISO 20022 represents a quantum leap in data granularity - but what is it and what are the benefits to banks and financial services organisations.


Midsummer reflections on Intraday Liquidity: five takeaways & five recommendations

Planixs' Financial Services Director, Pete McIntyre, highlights a selection of interesting intraday articles produced over the first half of 2019.

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Reflections on the Automation & Real-Time Treasury in Financial Institutions Forum

An overview and the highlights of the Automation & Real-Time Treasury in Financial Institutions Forum held in June 2019.


Intraday Liquidity now baked into Europe’s Liquidity regulations

The European Central Bank (ECB) has updated its approach to regulation and intraday is now firmly part of its liquidity regime. In this article, Planixs' Financial Services Director, Pete McIntyre, provides the background, explains what’s new and suggests what might happen next.

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The Regulators restart the intraday liquidity race – 12 talking points

Pete McIntyre, Planixs' Financial Services Director, outlines 12 key points when it comes to intraday liquidity regulations.


Blockchain & Intraday Liquidity – a marriage made in heaven?

What are the benefits of blockchain when it comes to intraday liquidity?

Blockchain and intraday liquidity
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