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The Road to Real-Time Treasury

Download this exclusive webinar to learn how to get ahead with real-time treasury solutions.

The revolution in real-time financial processing is creating a new world for treasury professionals. The old world of end-of-day, batch processing with fragmented data distributed across the organisation will not support the demands of real-time.

Leading organisations are benefiting from real-time with rich intraday insight, consolidated data and instant analytics.

Planixs, the leading provider of real-time treasury software, has partnered with Connect Global Group to discuss how treasuries can get ahead by implementing real-time solutions. Joined by leading treasury experts Edouard Berthet (Head of Treasury, Forex & MM Operations at BNP Paribas) and Adriaan Bakker (Treasury Specialist at ING), Planixs' Financial Services Director, Pete McIntyre, explores the road to real-time treasury and how banks are responding to the real-time agenda?

Why Download?

  • Understand the importance of real-time financial processing;
  • Hear the benefits banking organisations are experiencing with real-time insight;
  • Learn how to start your journey towards a fully real-time treasury.
Download The Road to Real-Time Treasury Webinar
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